Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Top 10 Most Watched Videos in the World

Today, We will see some of the most watched videos in the world. YouTube is always rocking and will rock in the future. YouTube is the best place to find many of the videos in the world for free. Today, thought of compiling a new top 10 most watched videos in the world currently. Here is the list with their views(views were taken when this article was compiled):

1) PSY - Gangnam style

Veiws- 1,233,872,169 [1 Billion Views and counting heavily]

2) Justin Bieber - baby

Views- 823,774,667 [820 Million and counting]

3) Jennifer lopez - on the floor

Views- 642,642,125 [640 Million and counting]

4) Eminem - love the way you lie

Views- 533,510,043 [530 Million and counting]

5) LMFAO - party rock anthem

Views- 516,533,779 [515 Million and counting]

7) charlie bit my finer.... Again

Views- 509,081,666 [509 Million and counting]

6) shakira - waka waka

Views- 506,950,128 [506 Million and counting]

8) Lady gaga- bad romance

Views- 505,525,288 [505 Million and counting]

9) Michel telo - ai se eu te pego

Views- 476,891,063 [475 Million and counting]

10) Don omar - danza kuduro ft. Lucenzo

View- 420,278,327 [420 Million and counting]


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