Friday, 24 January 2014

Top 10 Interview Mistakes People Make

Job interviews are always stressful - even for job seekers who have gone on countless interviews. The best way to reduce the stress is to be prepared. Here are the top 10 interview mistakes you should avoid:

1. Dressing Inappropriately:

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 The interviewer first notes your dress and style. Clean shave and neat nails will be a good start in the interview.

2. Body Language:

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          Job applicant must start with a firm handshake with a warm smile in face. Right body posture and confident look will impress the interviewer. 

3. Not Making Eye Contact With The Interviewer:

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          Not making eye contact with the interviewer will make him think of you as shy or disinterested candidate.

4. Not Paying Attention: 

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          Not paying attention for the questions asked by the interviewer may low your chance of getting the job. Interviewer will manipulate you the candidates presence of mind.

5. Not Knowing Details about the Company:

           Before going to the interview collect all the informations about the company which you are going to be interviewed. Like when did the company started, yearly turnover of that particular company, etc.

6. Work History:

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           Some job applicants don't remember their previous work history in the previous company. This would make interviewer to lose interest in recruiting him for his/ her company.

7. Negative Comments About Previous Company:

          Criticizing previous company or boss before the interviewer might get you in trouble. Not an good idea to impress the interviewer.

8. Answering the phone:

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          Not turning off your phone inside the interview hall might low your chance of being selected. Do not answer the phone while attending interview.

9.  Telling The Interviewer That You Really Need This Job:

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          Providing too much personal information and telling that you need this job or money will not impress the interviewer.

10. Thank You Note:

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          Say thank you note to the interviewer with a confident handshake after the interview gets over.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Top 10 weird diseases around the world

One of the causes for the thinning world population is through disease. Have a look at some of the weird diseases in the world. Some diseases have no cure in this list which are deadly.

1. Progeria:

          Progeria is an extremely rare genetic disease of childhood characterized by dramatic, premature aging. When the disease reaches its peak it is known as Progeria (Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome, HGPS, Progeria syndrome).
          Children affected by Progeria Syndrome will look normal at birth. After a year they shed all their hair including eyebrows, they weigh less, their growth stops. Progeria makes the child look older with small face, baldness and aged- looking skin.  Death occurs on average at age 13, usually from heart attack or stroke.


          Neurofibromatosis is a genetic disorder of the nervous system. It mainly affects how nerve cells form and grow. It causes tumors to grow on nerves. You can get neurofibromatosis from your parents, or it can happen because of a mutation (change) in your genes. Once you have it, you can pass it along to your children. Usually the tumors are benign, but sometimes they can become cancerous.
          Three types of Neurofibromatosis:

  • type -I: Nerve tissue grows tumors which causes changes in skin.
  • type -II: hearing loss and poor balance.
  • Schwannomatosis: Causes intense pain.

3. Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP):

 Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva is an disorder in which the muscle tissue like ligaments gets replaced by bones. The bones grow up anywhere in their body replacing all the muscle tissues. Sufferers are slowly imprisoned by their own skeleton.

4. Epidermodysplasia verruciformis:

          Epidermodysplasia verruciformis is an extremely rare hereditary skin disorder.  It is characterized by abnormal susceptibility to  human papillomaviruses (HPVs) of the skin. It grows scaly macules and papules, particularly on the hands and feet.

5. Hypertrichosis:

          Hypertrichosis is genrally known as Werewolf Syndrome is an abnormal amount of hair growth over the body. This syndrome is categorized into Generalized Hypertrichosis, hair growth over the entire body and Localized Hypertrichosis, hair growth in a certain area.

6. Porphyria:

         Porphyria is a group of disorders caused by abnormalities in the chemical steps that lead to heme production. Heme is a vital molecule for all of the body's organs, although it is most abundant in the blood, bone marrow, and liver. Symptomatically, acute porphyrias primarily present with nervous system involvement, often with severe abdominal pain, vomiting, neuropathy and mental disturbances. Cutaneous porphyrias present with skin manifestations often after exposure to sun due to the accumulation of excess porphyrins near the surface of the skin.

7. Kuru:

            Kuru is an incurable degenerative neurological disorder endemic to tribal regions of Papua New Guinea. The disease was the result of the practice of ritualistic cannibalism among the Fore, in which relatives prepared and consumed the tissues (including brain) of deceased family members. People affected by this disease will suffer with decreased muscle control in the initial stage. In the final stage they are unable to speak, unable to stand and has dysphagia. An infected person usually dies within 3 months to 2 years after the first symptoms, often because of pneumonia or pressure sores infection.

8. Tetanus:

            Tetanus is a serious illness caused by Clostridium bacteria.The infection causes painful tightening of the muscles, usually all over the body. It can lead to "locking" of the jaw. This makes it impossible to open your mouth or swallow.

9. Alice in Wonderland Syndrome:

          Alice in Wonderland Syndrome (AIWS) is a set of symptoms including the alteration of body image and the alteration of visual perception. It makes the sufferer feel as though parts of their body are changing size and as though the sizes of objects are changing.

10. Dermatographia:

          Dermatographia is an skin disorder. Even rubbing, scratching or even a slap will make the skin inflammed and raised. The skin will be extremely sensitive with weak membrane which can be easily and rapidly breaks down under physical pressure causing an allergic- like reaction.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Top 10 Animation films

Its hard to choose the best animation movies over millions of movies. However I have selected top 10 movies that have released around the world. Here are the nice collection of  Top 10 computer animated films.

10. Ice age - The Meltdown:

Ice Age- The Meltdown is a American computer animated film released on 2006. This movie is the second part and the continuation of  Ice Age Movie Series.
Story: Main Characters Manny, Sid and Diego discover that the ice age is coming to an end. They join with all others and look for high ground. On their journey they discover Manny is not the last wolly mammoth.
Movie genre: Comedy, Adventure.
Starring: Ray Romano, John Leguizamo, Seann William Scott, Denis Leary, Queen Latifah.

9. Tangled:

Tangled is 2010 computer animated film released by Walt Disney Animation Videos.
Story: The magically long-haired Rapunzel has spent her entire life in a tower, but now that a runaway thief has stumbled upon her, she is about to discover the world for the first time, and who she really is.
Movie genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Adventure.
Starring: Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi,  Donna Murphy.

8. Ratatouille:

Computer animated film produced by Pixar Animation Movies and released by Walt Disney Animation videos.
Story: A genius Mouse an expert in cooking desires to become a chef bonds an unusual alliance with the kitchen Worker in the famous restaurant.
Movie genre: Comedy, Fantasy.
Starring: Patton Oswalt, Ian Holm, Lou Romano.

7. Wreck- it- Ralph:

Wreck- it ralph is a computer animated family film produced and released by Walt Disney Pictures.
Story: A villian in the video game wants to become a hero. He creates a havoc to his own arcade.
Movie genre: Comedy, Adventure, Family.
Starring: John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Jack McBrayer, Jane Lynch.


Monsters is an american computer- animated film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Animation videos in 2001.
Story: In a monsters incorporated industry monsters scare childrens and collect their scream to produce electricity. Monsters world gets disrupted when one child enters monsters world.
Movie genre: Adventure, Comedy.
Starring: John Goodman, Billy Crystal, Mary Gibbs, Steve Buscemi, James Cobom, Jennifer Tilly.

5. Finding Nemo:

Finding Nemo released on 2003 produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Animation videos.
Story: After his son is captured in the Great Barrier Reef and taken to Sydney, a timid clownfish sets out on a journey to bring him home.
Movie genre: comedy, drama, adventure.
Starring: Albert Brooks, Ellen DeGeneras, Alexander Gould, William Dafoe.

4. Madagasgcar:

Madagascar is the 2005 American computer animated film produced and released by Dreams Work Animation.
Story: Central Park Zoo animals are escape from the zoo unexpectedly shipped back to Africa, getting shipwrecked on the island of Madagascar.
Movie genre: comedy, adventure
Starring: Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, David Schwimmer, Jada Pinkett Smith.

3. The Croods:

Croods released in 2013 is an 3D computer animated film produced by Dream Work Animation and distributed by 20th Century Fox.
Story: After their cave is destroyed, a caveman family must trek through an unfamiliar fantastical world with the help of an inventive boy.
Movie genre: adventure, fantasy, drama.
Starring: Nicholas Cage, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, Catherine Keener, Clark Duke, Cloris Leachman.

2. Kung Fu Panda:

Kung Fu Panda is a 2008 american computer animated film produced by Dream Work Animation and distributed by Paramount Pictures.
Story: In the Valley of Peace, Po the Panda finds himself chosen as the Dragon Warrior despite the fact that he is obese and a complete novice at martial arts.
Movie genre: fantasy, drama, comedy.
Starring: Jack Black, Angelina Jolie, Dustin Hoffman, Ian McShane, Jackie Chan ,Lucy Liu.

1. Toy Story 3:

Toy Story 3 is an 3D computer animated film and the third film in the Toy Story series. This film is produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures.
Story: The toys are mistakenly delivered to the day care instead of the attic after andy goes to college. Now its Woody's responsible to convince other toys that they weren't abandoned and to return home. 
Movie genre: adventure, drama.
Starring: Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Joan Cusack, Ned Beatty, Don Rickles.

Hope you liked this list of top 10 animated movies from the modern computer era.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Top 10 Beauty Benefits of Olive Oil

Olive Oil is produced from the fruit known as Olive. Olive oil is well known for its health benefits and skin enhancements from a very long time. Today, we would like to share only the beauty benefits of this wonderful oil.

Here are the Top 10 beauty benefits of Olive oil:

1. Lip Moisturiser:

          Apply 1/4 teaspoon of olive oil on the lips and leave it for twenty minutes, your lips will be moisturised and smooth all day. Regular use of olive oil will reduce the darkness in lips.

2. Natural Moisturiser:

          Apply olive oil on face and give circular massage and leave it for 15 minutes. Olive oil is suitable for all skin types especially combination and dry skin. Olive oil helps the skin to be smooth and bright all day.

3. Bath oil: 

          Apply Olive oil before bath twice a week to get smooth and silky skin. You can feel your smooth skin in first wash.

4. Uneven skin texture:

          Sometimes the acne leaves heavy marks in the skin and it changes the skin texture and makes the skin rough. Apply olive oil daily and give massage to the affected area. Giving massage with olive oil will improve the blood flow in the area and heals the rough skin in 3 weeks.

5. Make-up remover:

          Dip some cotton in olive oil and wipe the make-up with the cotton. Olive oil removes eye-liner, mascara and any eye makeup.

6. Massage oil:

          Olive oil can be used as body massage oil. The skin will look younger and smoother if used twice a week. Mix with sugar and apply all over the body. The skin is exfoliated and all the dead skin cells are removed from skin.

7. Hair oil:

          Heat olive oil and dip cotton in the warm olive oil. Apply the cotton in the scalp and give a massage to the scalp. Olive oil deep conditions the hair and makes the hair healthy and shiny. Leave it for 1 hour and wash with mild shampoo.

8. Nail care:

          Add 2-3 teaspoons of olive oil in a small cup of warm water. Soak finger nails on the solution for 15-20 minutes. Repeat thrice a week to get healthy, smooth and shiny nails. Soak toe nails in the tub using the same procedure.

9. Hands and feet:

          Apply olive oil to the hands and feet and cover wit gloves and socks and leave it overnight. Get smooth and silky skin in the morning.

10. Chapped lips: 

          Mix sugar and olive oil and rub on lips to remove the dead skin. Do this treatment twice a week and get smooth pinky lips. Can use brown sugar too.

Hope you found the article helpful for your day to day beauty care.