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Top 10 most Powerful countries in the world 2011

Let us see who are the super powers in the world this year. How to find out the power of a country? It is based on the GDP, Educational advancement, Technological advancement, Military power, Healthcare, and many more. Here goes the top 10 list of powerful nations.

1. USA-
The first rank goes to the United States of America undoubtedly. But the position of USA is in danger, due to the fast modernization of the Chinese military. Even the economy of China is steadily heading towards USA. Why USA is the current superpower? They are the best in the GDP, Military power, Education, Technology, Healthcare, Space research, Trade, etc. They impact the world economy the most.

2. China-
China has raced past Russia in the recent times. They are going to be the next superpower after USA. They may overtake USA very soon. When China demonstrated it's military power recently to the world. They still hide their military build-up from the world. The rest of the world is unaware of China's military muscle.  Their economy is booming high. They are catching up with USA in IT sector. The GDP of Chinese in the recent years shows good improvements. The world was stunned when China showcased its technological power in Olympics 2008. The world was stunned.

3. Russia-
Russia was once the superpower in the history of the world. Due to various partitions of this big nation, the country has lost the race. Still the country looks strong in military power. They have the third most powerful army in the world after USA and China. China and Russia have very little difference in the army power. Russia has enough energy and resource to be strong enough in the power race.

 4. Germany-
Germany is a very powerful country even though the nation is smaller that USA, China and Russia. They have a very good economy to start with. They have a good trade relation with other countries in the world. The military and arms power is very high. The standard of living in Germany is high. Hence they can be ranked for the good standard of living as well.

5. France-
France is another nation, which is small in area yet powerful. They a very strong nuclear base. France is highly ranked for their flight and space technology. They have high influence in the world economy. They make a high impact to the world in terms of trade, military, technology. The economy of France is fertile, productive and resourceful. Their is a always a tough fight between Germany and France in the ranking.

6. United Kingdom-
Britain is strong in their nuclear technology. They have a strong base for military. They have a good support from the number one superpower. They are good in world financial sector. They are part of the world UN security council and European Union.

7. Japan-
They are having a very large economy, especially in technology. They are highly advanced in robotics, electrical and electronics fields. Japan manages the resources available to them very cleverly. They are know for their hard work. Japan is strong in space technology as well. After the Tsunami attack to this nation, the country has fallen down a little. It will take some time to recover from the economical damage.

8. India-
At first glance, India might seem like a superpower after China. But they are still lagging in some fields like military, literacy and standard of living. The powerful areas of India includes IT, Space research and the amount of rich people. India is an emerging superpower with a slow pace. It will take quite a lot of time to go past the above superpowers.

9. Brazil-
Brazil is one of the largest nations in the world in terms of area. The amount of natural resources available in this nation is abundant. It is expected to reach the top 5 in the future. They have a strong economy compared to other nations. The international affairs for Brazil have a quite good in the recent times. They can become the first economic superpower in the world.

10. Pakistan-
This nation though is suffering heavily due to terrorism, still they are developing fast in IT, Military arsenal, nuclear technology.. The economy of Pakistan is doing quite good. They have the potential to be strong and remain strong.

This list may change in the future and the coming decades. China may be leading the group, followed by either Russia or India.

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