Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Top 10 Hairstyles for Saree

Hey girls, getting ready for traditional function or party. Our hairstyles changes our look entirely giving whichever look u need. Choose braids and buns for traditional look and side pony tail and waves for peppy party look. Here is the list of Easy simple and good hairstyles for you to pick and try. These are the best Hairstyles you can try for saree.

Here are the top 10 Hairstyles for Saree.

10.  Braid:

Braids are always suited for sarees and easy to style the hair. Gives you the traditional look. Going for any functions or temple pick this. This is the suitable hairstyle for brides too. French braid is also suitable for saree.

9. Casual Updo:

Casual updo is one of the easy beehive look hairstyle to pick. Be it a party or traditional function, it will suit for any function. Choose low bun over high bun.

8. Side Bun:

Going for party and you are late? Pick Low side bun. Easy to style in short time.

7. Side Pony Hair:

Collect all the hair to your side and tie it with a thin rubber band or with your own hair and you are ready to rock the floor.

6. Side Braid:

It is similar to side pony tail only thing is you have to braid your hair. Side Braid give you a party and calm look. Pick this hairstyle for any function.

5. Side french braid:

Side French bride suits for Traditional simple and party sarees.

4. Side Braid 2:

Split you hair into two portions and roll them to get this side hairstyle.

3. Straight Hair with or without Curls:

Go for straight hair with or without curls in the end. Suitable for all type of sarees.

2. Simple Hair:

Pick a small amount of hair near your ears both the sides and pin it. There you have the simple hairstyle for traditional and homely look.

1. Waves:

Waves is one of the easiest hairstyle. It suits for party wear sarees.

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