Monday, 16 May 2011

Top 10 ways to live a happy life

I've always been thinking about writing a post on leading a happy life. Today my wish is coming true. Here are the top 10 ways to lead a happy life. Here goes the mantra.

1. Be optimistic:-
Surround yourself with positive energy and thought. Always interact more with positive thinking people. Try not to hang out with people who are pessimist and try to discourage you. You will see the levels of optimism will shift to your side.

2. Accept what you are:-
Never feel let down in life by what God has given you. Enjoy every moments of life with what you have. Do not compare yourself with others wealth or health. In short, accept what you are and move ahead. You will definitely see a difference if you start practising these.

3. Smile:-
Daily make it a habit to smile once. Smiling helps yourself be happy and healthy. It has been scientifically proved that smiling has a positive reaction in the body and mind.

4. Love yourself, Love others and love the work you do:-
The above line itself tells us what I meant to say. Do not hate yourself for what you are or what you have done. Love the ones who hate you as well. And the most important thing, do not hate the work you do, but love the work you do.

5. Be true to yourself:-
Set a set of ethics to follow for yourself. Do not cheat yourself. If you cheat others, it is equal to cheating yourself.

6. Slow down your pace:-
Fast paced life drags you down. It leads to depressions and tensions. Once you notice that you are getting vexed and feeling depressed due to the fast life, just put a speed breaker to your life and slow it down. You can also take break between your work schedule and enjoy with your loved ones.

7. Socialize:-
This is an art which everyone needs to cultivate to live a happy life. You need to mingle with as many people as possible and make new friends. In simple words, hanging out friends can be better than hitting a gym.

8. Appreciate:-
Make a habit to appreciate yourself for the good. Even though you may not the most perfect human being on earth, but appreciating yourself will give you confidence to correct the mistakes later.

9. Help others:-
Mother Teresa once said " We can do no great thing, only small things with great love". This quote itself speaks, you help others, others will extend their hands to you. Your inner soul will get satisfaction by helping others. That is nothing other than happiness.

10. Keep yourself healthy:-
Daily 20min exercise will keep you fit and your health sound. Walking is also a good form of exercise. Eat a balanced diet with enough sleep(7 hours).

Hope you enjoyed the post :)
Have a nice day :)

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