Monday, 16 May 2011

Top 10 ways to lose weight :)

Though am not fat, but I have friends who are fat and they find it very difficult to manage themselves. Here are some top 10 ways I know to make yourself shed weight.

1. Start your day with breakfast:-
Never ever skip your breakfast. "Eat like a king in the morning, eat like a prince for the lunch and eat like a beggar in the night". Eat a healthy diet for your breakfast with cereals, fruits, vegetables and milk.

2. Cut down your junk food:-
Eating junk food has been scientifically proved to cause obesity due to high content of saturate fat. It is difficult for our body metabolism to break down the junk food. Junk food is always rich in heavy cholesterol.

3. Daily exercise:-
Hitting a gym is not the mantra for reducing weight, but you can also shed weight if you keep up a routine exercise consisting of cycling, swimming, walking, jogging, and sit ups.

4. Drink plenty of water:-
Do not drink soda or soft drinks when you feel thirsty. Keep a bottle of water when you hang outdoors. Drink at-least 6 to 7 glass of water.

5. Sleep:-
Rest plays an important portion in the process of weight loss. You need to sleep a maximum of 8 hours daily.

6. Cut down food outside:-
Reduce the food intake from your neighbourhood. Prepare your own dish at home and have them.

7. Listen to music and dance to the tune:-
Listening to music is always good to your soul and mind. When you consider to dance to the tune of the music you are actually shedding some calories.

8. Reduce adult beverages:-
Always keep in mind that alcohol is a source of calories. You might have seen many people, who drink a lot of beer look fat. Some alcoholic beverages are equal to having a rich creamy dessert.

9. Eat fruits and vegetable:-
Fruits and vegetable contain detoxifying agent and anti-oxidants to control your body fat. Vegetable and fruits rich in fibre actually clean up your stomach.

10. Eat more often:-
Do not hog all your food at a time and go without food for hours together. Have food 5 small meals daily. Never skip meals and go on a fasting spree.

Have a great time :)

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